It's been a long ride for everyone, and we know that we were gone for a long time. alot of you won't know me but I'm a co-owner with Jarvis, and we love to announce that plex and kemist have finally merged, and now we are called Kemist Network. we will be trying our best to make the server non pay2win by featuring a lot of in-games utilities and economy system that will allow you to gain access to a variety of perks & commands.

And I would like to announce that we will be launching Skyblock too! so here is a resume of the featured gamemodes:

Factions : a gamemode where you team up with you friends to conquer your enemies! with a lot of custom features to make it even more fun such as Custom Enchants, Pyro Axes, Boss mobs, KoTHs, and more!

Skyblock: a fun survival gamemode where you have to gain resources and expand your island to be the #1 island in the Skyblock Realm!

Towny : a peaceful survival gamemode where you make a town and to work together and against each other to be the next Metropolis of the realm! featuring a diffrent enchanting system and events!

make sure to follow us on twitter for more news @KemistPvP